How We Come Together

We are a vibrant, Spirit-filled community seeking to follow in the ways of Jesus, love and care for our neighbors, do justice, act with humility, and be an example of the extravagant grace of God to the whole of creation.

In 2022, our congregation worked for several months on a strategic plan. Here are the two Mission Priorities we adopted:

Mission Priority One:

For the purpose of creating a just and loving community, we will build relationships with our broader community, connecting serving, and striving for social justice.

Mission Priority Two:

To deepen and strengthen our grounding in the sacred, we will provide an inclusive environment for the spiritual growth of a diverse congregation.

Sunday Service

We meet in-person in the Riverside sanctuary for morning worship, each Sunday at 10:30. Directly after service, we gather for coffee and connection in the Riverview Room. We welcome you to join us!

Hospitality Teams In Action!

We thank all those who help provide hospitality after worship and special thanks to those who serve as hospitality team captains. With many hands, the load is lightened.

With a team captain approach, many people are able to share and help out each month. Our hope is that each active participant can support the life of Riverside and assist with hospitality on one or two Sundays each year.

Lost track of which team you belong to? Here is a link to the complete hospitality list. Hospitality Teams 2024 And if you don’t see your name and would like to help, please the church office at 541.386.1412. 

Keep in Touch

Want to know all that this active congregation is doing each week? Please sign up for the Riverside e-mail newsletters by sending a registration request to our editor, Kathy Watson. Just request the newsletters, and send her the email addresses of those in your family who want the newsletter.

Meet New Friends

Read, quilt, gather and talk: Riversiders come together to build and serve community and each other. Here are a few ways you can join in:

Art and Spirit Circle

Art and Spirit Circle: When we can meet together, we create art, such as family altars, crowns, mandalas. Like so many things at Riverside, no experience required! For more information on upcoming Art and Spirit Circles (when we can circle together again) contact Karen Harding.


Book Group

Our book group meets once a month to discuss a book. Currently, the group is meeting via Zoom and in person, at the same time, so that those who can’t meet in person, and those who want to meet in person, can all meet together. Contact  Karen Roof to learn what’s on everyone’s nightstand this month, and when the group meets next for discussion.

Men’s Group

One Saturday morning a month Riverside men get together to figure out what it all means.

Hilarity often ensues, as does the “word of the month” and reflections on life.

Usually, they destroy a coffee cake or a box of donuts and regularly meets once a month in the Riverview Room.

Contact Doug Roof for information about the next meeting.

Prayer shawl group

It’s a comfort to draw a warm crocheted or knitted blanket around the shoulders of someone grieving, or a new mother. Join this group to help create shawls to be given as gifts by Pastor Vicky. To learn more, contact Nancy Pavlenko.

Quilting group

We have a Riverside tradition of creating a personalized quilt for each graduating high school senior.

Sewers are needed, but so are those who can simply iron and organize quilt pieces.

To find out more, contact master quilter  Kim Vogel