Support our Ministry of Love and Justice!

“Yes! I want to support the work of Riverside.”

Wonderful. Thank you. Your gifts support all that we do:

  • Education programs for our youth, such as “Our Whole Lives.”
  • Care and maintenance of our church building and grounds
  • Salaries for our staff
  • Outreach and support to our immigrant brothers and sisters, social justice events such as anti-racism vigils, and so much more.

You have two ways to give. Put something in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Or click on this link to engage our “VIRTUAL OFFERING PLATE.” 

The link will take you to a tool that lets you make a general donation, or select targeted uses such as “Capital fund” or “Youth education.” Click on the arrow to the right of that category and a pop-up window will let you attach your generosity to the destination you prefer.

You can use a credit or debit card, or arrange regular contributions directly from your bank. A note confirming your contribution will be sent directly to the Riverside Community Church office.

God is good!